Unique Handbags: Types and Quality

Handbags are an undeniably very important fashion accessory and necessity. The ability of a handbag to make a huge fashion statement and at the same time provide so much convenience makes it a must-have for all women and some men. Every woman wants Unique Handbags that will show their personality and make them stand out. In choosing a Unique Handbag some thought should go into it like the size, the shape, the quality and how often the individual plans to use it. So in choosing a handbag some of the following things should be taken note of.

The Quality of the Handbag

This should come at an obvious point. When looking to buy unique handbags, it’s always a great idea to go for a bag with good quality. If it’s a handbag you plan on using frequently, then a good quality bag will go a long way

You’ll be using this bag very frequently so it’s advisable to invest in it and get something with a good quality so it will last and not give in to wear and tear easily. Buy the best quality you can also because is a piece that you will be toting around to a slew of events and you don’t want to settle for anything less than amazing quality. An advantage of this is that most unique handbags are also high-quality bags like the handbags produced by Nena and Co. Handcrafted handbags with solid and ethically sourced materials and labor.

Unique handbags are functional and elegant. They elevate your look and that way you don’t look sloppy all the time. Think of what’s in your handbag and what you carry with you every day and think how you’ll want them to fit into the new bag. If you have the time, take an inventory of all the items in your most frequently used bag and go from there. For example, if you carry a laptop every day, you should take that into consideration when buying the handbag. You would want to get something big enough to fit your laptop, or tablet to any other devices you usually carry your camera. If your handbag is usually heavy because of the type of things you carry around all day, you should take that into consideration. Your bag should be suited to bear the weight and size of your personal belongings. For example, the Bag Straps should be strong enough to hang from your shoulders without sudden wear and tear. When you take these needs into consideration, then you find an elegant option that also fits the technical and functional requirements.

Types of Unique Handbags

Unique handbags come in different forms but Tote bags and Crossbody bags are the most common forms in which they come because of their functionality.

Tote Bags

Well, the classic tote bag usually comes with a minimalistic look, shape, and color but that doesn’t mean you can’t get you’re in a unique design. The classic tote comes with a big and slouchy look, two handles and no closing zipper can have a zipper and some other design characteristics. If this is the bag you need to take with you to work then buy one that can be easily matched with various outfits. Get it in classic colors and you’ll love adding to different styles of customizations depending on your look and your mood. A unique tote is the best option if you like to throw everything thing in your bag and go. This style is also ideal for traveling, as it will fit your electronics, magazines, cardigan etc. The tote bag says a lot about a person and they come in different styles. Below are some different style totes and what they say about the person’s style

Crossbody Bag

A unique crossbody bag is a must-have because it’s amazingly wearable and comfortable. It gives you a chance to be hands-free as you go about doing your daily activities. So if you expect to have your hands full on a certain day, you need one of these. Some tips on how to carry a crossbody bag is to make sure that the bag doesn’t sit on your side at your hip, instead swivel it around so that the bag is sitting behind you. However, be wary of this method of putting your crossbody behind you if you live in a big city as you’ll be more prone to attract pickpockets.  If you live somewhere that you feel it’s unsafe to have your bag behind you, then carry it to the front, rather than at the side on your hip. Make sure the strap isn’t too long, if the bag sits really low it can become uncomfortable, banging against your legs, and unflattering. You can also wear it with the straps really short that cuts across your chest. This is a very fashion forward look so try it if you dare.

The cross body bags are the “everyday” handbag that you’re most likely to wear most, so why not make it unique?!. Let this bag be the one you spend the most on. Go for luxury if you can afford it but don’t stress if you can. Look for a bag by your favorite designer or brand and make sure it’s not an “it” bag… one that you’ve seen in every magazine or on the arms of all of your girlfriends. You want it to last, not look dated in a year’s time. You also need to make sure it is big enough to hold all your stuff and has a shoulder strap. Being dominated by your handbag isn’t chic, but being able to maneuver your way through the day with both hands definitely is.

If you find it difficult to choose between a unique tote handbag and a unique crossbody handbag, then buying both might be a good idea. Every woman could use more than one handbag anyways. So buy what suits you the most and rock your day!