Toddler Mock Loafers are Nothing to Mock

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I have too many friends that love dressing their little girls in matching mommy/daughter outfits.  And, don’t get me started on Halloween or Christmas ensembles.  So, maybe it was my luck to be blessed with two boys and no girls.  Actually, I absolutely love that I have boys and have no reason to buy frilly dresses or ruffles up to my ears.  As you probably guessed, I am a little bit of a tomboy and find much more comfort in looking at baby boy bowties and toddler mock loafers.

By no means am I putting down anyone that has a daughter or trying to make it sound like having a boy is better; all I know is raising boys and my memories of being a little girl with all those emotional rollercoasters.  I’m just here to share a little bit of my knowledge, express a few opinions and maybe vent a little of my frustrations along the way.  Isn’t that what motherhood is all about?

Each Child is Different –

Toddler Mock Loafers

I was told by countless people that no matter how much siblings may look alike, they are very different!  Each has their own personality, quirks, likes and dislikes, pain thresholds and ability to tolerate snuggle time.  My sons are 18 months apart and when I tried to teach the younger one the same thing that his older brother had done, he bucked the system and refused.

My first thought was that I was a bad mother and was going to fail both of them.  After shedding a few tears and talking to my mom for an hour, I realized that because they both had dark hair and green eyes didn’t make them carbon copies.  Even a year later, I still must remind myself that they are unique.

The biggest thing to be aware of is just making sure that milestones are being met, which can be ensured with regular visits to the pediatrician.  I kept journals to help me remember when small and big things happened, such as first smiles, grabbing of feet, rolling over and teething.  A quick internet search will provide a plethora of charts, lists and tables with regards to milestones and rough time tables for meeting them.

Understand that if your baby hasn’t met each specific milestone in a timely manner that he or she is still okay.  Some babies and children develop a little slower, but just keep track.  If it is of great concern, bring it up with your pediatrician and/or do some research for yourself.  But, more than anything, take a deep breath; if there is an issue with your child, you need to have your wits about you, and panicking does nothing good in any situation.

If It’s Between a Loafer and a Loaf of Bread … —

Toddler Mock Loafers

Most young parents are more likely to be in the starving-students kind of category, where it is much more important that food is on the table than it is to have a perfect outfit for the baby.  However, there are some parents that have never been taught basic budgeting or money management skills, so they buy the cutest baby loafers available, only to find out that there isn’t enough money at the end of the month for all the other necessities.

When it is a case of not being taught or being naïve about how much money it takes run a family, that is one thing, but when it is a conscious choice to spend money, usually behind the back of their spouse, this can be a much bigger problem that should be addressed as quickly as possible.  Priorities must be tackled, budgets must be made and adhered to, open communication is essential, and compromises must be made by everyone, even at the expense of the baby shoes that aren’t an absolute requisite.

Is it Hot in Here?

Toddler Mock Loafers

One of the biggest concerns that any parents has, whether with a newborn or a full-grown teenager, is when they have a temperature.  Sometimes it’s as simple as being just a little warm in the room, other times it’s the almost full-blown panic style that either has you calling for an ambulance or rushing to the emergency room.

Most times, a raised temperature is a little more than the room being too hot, but quite a few steps down from a 9-1-1 phone call.  Babies, infants and toddlers do not have the ability to regulate their temperature so dressing them in winter clothes may be helpful while running errands, but in the stores or at home the protective layers may be too much. Even those adorable toddler mock loafers can trap a bit too much heat around their feet.

If, after some time out of the extra layers your young one is not cooling off, it is important to take note of how high the temperature is and for how long.  Most doctors agree that a baby has a fever if it is over 100.4.  Don’t question yourself, if you have a doubt, go with your gut and take care of the baby.

Stay Strong and Go On –

Toddler Mock Loafers

No matter how much you read about babies, no matter how much advice comes at moments of worry, and no matter how many children you have, you will always have those instances when you feel like you have failed them or scarred them for life.  We all feel that, and it is mostly normal.  We have so much invested in them and we are trying to do our best and provide the most for them.

As such, we are bound to do stuff wrong, make the wrong decisions or they just end up banging their forehead on the tv stand as they are learning to walk, and a couple of stitches are needed.  Don’t let these envelop all your thoughts; learn from mistakes, make the most informative choices possible, maybe have a couple of cries after everyone’s in bed, and pull up your britches in the morning and do it all again.